Save a Life Campaign

Every year, Kiwanis of Safety Harbor raises $20,000 to $25,000 for programs, scholarships and emergency help that directly benefit the children in our community. We raise this money mainly through our Spring and December Arts and Crafts Show. For the next year or maybe even the next few years, we will be raising additional money—above and beyond what we currently raise—by asking people to donate $2.


With that $2 we can save a baby’s life.


But we’re not interested in saving just one life or several lives, we want to save 17,139 babies’ lives. At the end of our Save A Life Campaign, we want to be able to say we saved a life for every resident of Safety Harbor.


Here’s how we’re going to that.


In 2010, UNICEF asked Kiwanis International if it would partner with them to Eliminate worldwide Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus or MNT. At the time, this disease was killing one baby every 11 minutes, or 49,000 babies each year. If a mother contracts tetanus while pregnant, her baby will be born with the disease and die an excruciating death. But even if the mother is healthy, babies can contract tetanus through unsanitary birthing practices—a serious problem in not only third world countries but also countries like China and the Philippines.


What’s crazy is it only takes $1.80 to immunize a woman and educate her on safe birthing practices.


UNICEF figured it would take $210 million to eliminate MNT worldwide. It raised $100 through grants and asked Kiwanis if it would raise the remaining $110 million. Kiwanis pledged to do so.


So far, Kiwanis and UNICEF have eliminated MNT in 39 of 51 countries plagued by the disease.


But we still have work to do.


To help with this final push, our club has pledged to raise $30,700 for Eliminate—enough to save a baby’s life for every resident of Safety Harbor. The money we raise in this campaign will in addition to the money we raise annually for our community.   


Yesterday, Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus was killing one baby every 11 minutes—49,000 babies every year. Tomorrow we want that number to be zero! Please help us by donating to our Save A Life Campaign.

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